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Why A Good Lock For Your Bicycle Is Important And How To Choose One

Countless accessories are manufactured for bicycles and bicycle riders. When thinking about such products we often think of helmets, lights, water bottles, specialized clothing, speedometers, and racks. One important accessory your bike should never be without is a good locking system. Just because you live in a relatively safe neighborhood doesn't mean you have no need for a lock. Bicycle theft is a growing crime throughout the United States, and it doesn't matter where you live. Bicycles are relatively easy to steal and easy to sell or get rid of. They're an easy target for dedicated criminals, opportunists, and bored teenagers. Unless you never intend to leave your bike untended, you should invest in some sort of locking system. Even if you're just leaving it outside a convenience store for a couple minutes so you can go inside real quick, that's all the time a thief needs to make off with your ride. Don't think that thieves won't steal a cheap bike, either. They'll take whatever they can get their hands o...


All Bikes Are Not Created Equal - What Makes BMX Bikes Different?

Everyone knows what a bicycle is and how to use it, but you know that a BMX bicycle is not just your run of the mill bike. What makes a BMX bike different and special when compared to any other bike in the neighborhood?The BMX bike is one of the fastest growing bikes on the market. In the 1960's, BMX bikes began as knock off versions of motocross motorcycles. BMX bikes were used to play in the dirt. Riders were seen jumping and racing around dirt tracks, as well as, around their neighborhoods on BMX bikes. Kids who were typically uninterested in motocross or racing wanted to get their hands on a BMX.So, what is particularly different about the BMX that has taken the bicycle market by storm? You can identify a BMX bike from your average bike in a number of ways. Specific features of a BMX bike include standard 20 inch tires. The tread on a BMX tire is much different when compared to your average bicycle tire. A regular bike tire may have a few grooves or ridges, but a BMX tire tread has large knobs and...


The Joy Of Bicycle Riding - Still There After All Of These Years

When I was a kid, a long time ago, we didn't sit around playing video games. We all get together and play football or we would jump on our backs and go riding all over town. Even though it seems like a lifetime ago, I can still remember rushing home from school and pulling my bike out of the garage to go running around with my buddies. Since we were all in our early teens none of us had a driver's license so this was the only way for us to get away from it all. If mom or dad wanted something from the local mini-mart we volunteered to go get it just so we could get out and ride our bikes. Growing up on the beach in Florida my favorite bike was a "beach cruiser" which was a single speed bike that most of my fellow surfing friends and I chose. Can you remember what kind of bike you were riding back then?Can you remember the brand of bike that you rode? We all were riding Schwinns and Huffy but I also had some friends that rode bikes made by Mongoose and Diamondback which were pretty much known as the premier bik...


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