The Joy Of Bicycle Riding - Still There After All Of These Years

When I was a kid, a long time ago, we didn't sit around playing video games. We all get together and play football or we would jump on our backs and go riding all over town. Even though it seems like a lifetime ago, I can still remember rushing home from school and pulling my bike out of the garage to go running around with my buddies. Since we were all in our early teens none of us had a driver's license so this was the only way for us to get away from it all. If mom or dad wanted something from the local mini-mart we volunteered to go get it just so we could get out and ride our bikes. Growing up on the beach in Florida my favorite bike was a "beach cruiser" which was a single speed bike that most of my fellow surfing friends and I chose. Can you remember what kind of bike you were riding back then?

Can you remember the brand of bike that you rode? We all were riding Schwinns and Huffy but I also had some friends that rode bikes made by Mongoose and Diamondback which were pretty much known as the premier bikes of the day. If you saw a kid riding one of these you knew that their family was well to do since they were the most expensive bikes around and they were also of the highest quality.

This is one of the first things that you should look at when you are shopping for a new bike, quality. You want a bike that is well constructed and sturdy but made with lightweight materials so that the bike isn't so heavy. If you choose a bike like this it will not only be more durable but it will also stand up to your freestyle antics and any other craziness you may try on your bike. A heavy bike can be a real drag and can keep you from being able to do all of the tricks that your friends can do. I can remember we used to go to this local lake and ride our bikes down a natural ramp and jump over a spillway into the lake, that was fun although sometimes we would have to dive down to the bottom to get it back.

These days with the internet we have world wide access to bicycle brands all over the world in order to find the perfect bike for us. There are literally thousands of bike styles that you can select from and with the ability to search on the internet you can shop prices and be sure you are getting the best price as well. This enables you to be able to find the best deal on whatever bicycle brand you choose. Many sites also offer reviews by professional bicycle experts that will also aid you in making your decisions so that you know which brands are really bad and which ones you should consider. Having all of this knowledge at your very fingertips via your computer keyboard there is no reason why you can't find the bike of your dreams or those of your children.


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